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it’s 3 pages so far, when was the last time i ever wrote more than 1 page, this is ridiculous


Spoilers for Silent Hill 2 but…

This part always broke my heart, because it showed in my mind just how much James loved Mary.

I mean, James by all accounts before the whole thing came down was just a normal guy. He was a normal guy married to the girl he loved and living a pretty average life. And suddenly this horrible illness came out of no where, and was slowly killing his wife.

And from this, you can see he tried to help. He tried everything to understand and find something, ANYTHING to help Mary. But there was nothing he nor Mary could do.

And that’s what’s really heartbreaking about them. When people write James off as just a ‘murderer’ I don’t think they really quite get his character. Silent Hill 2 is about the gray parts of life, those areas where morality and love and hate all get mixed up and confused and leave us wondering what the heck is the right thing to do. He loved Mary and hated her and what the illness had done to her at the same time. Mary loved him but hated herself and how she was holding him back, but also desperately needed him to hold her and tell her she’d be okay, even if it was a lie.

It’s such a weirdly human experience. Which is why I really love the first 4 Silent Hill games, because I feel like they capture that grayness, that weird place humans really live in day to day really well.

DMC is amazing, please continue posting

i hope you like to see me simultaneously shredding and sucking Vergil’s dick, bc that’s what you’re gonna get once i post this ridiculous essay

i wish none of my followers knew dmc bc im already getting shy about posting my thoughts hahah


Obama don’t fail me now


Obama don’t fail me now

i was listening to some game soundtracks while working out so i’m now doing the logical thing and writing an essay about my fav character


Oh my god Kouichi’s buddy ending haha

okay but imagine an au for the epic that's not about gilgamesh being a terrible person but about gilgamesh being a terrible fashion designer.


But the people of Uruk cried out to heaven,
and their lamentation was heard, the gods
are not unfeeling, their hearts were touched,
they went to Anu, father of them all,
protector of the realm of sacred Uruk,
and spoke to him on the people’s behalf:
“Heavenly Father, Gilgamesh —
noble as he is, splendid as he is —
has exceeded all aesthetic bounds. The people suffer
from his fashion tyranny, the people cry out
that he takes the son from his father and adorns him in crushed velvet,
takes the girl from her mother and uses her
as a model for his tasteless designs,

the warrior’s daughter, the young man’s bride,
he uses her, no one dares to oppose him.
Is this how you want your king to rule?
Should a shepherd dress his own flock in irritating sweaters? Father,
do something, quickly, before the people
overwhelm heaven with their poorly-dressed cries.”

i mean i’m probably an annoying anime fan as well and i have ridiculous ships and stuff but at least i can differentiate between canon and complete bullshit

幼馴染 by 岡っぱ

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